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Pet Therapy

“Perhaps the greatest gift an animal has to offer is a permanent reminder of who we really are.”

My week has been filled with coffee and dogs, guys. With this cold snap, Ellie had some doggie friends visit her for a sleepover. Her best friend, Bo the Poodle, was a perfect gentleman during his overnight stay (barring a little tummy upset that was in no way his fault). Ellie also met a new friend from a faraway land, Caesar the Bernese. Caesar loved being in the house and was a little uncertain at first, but warmed up to us very quickly. See below:

Caesar the Bernese

There were a couple of times things got a little dicey (Caesar has a penchant for overeating) and then the paw patrol invaded my special spot on the couch. Sorry I didn’t get a better pic of Bo and Mr. Cat, but enjoy this candid moment of Ellie fighting Bo over my lap while Mr. Cat looks on in utter disdain.

Me featuring Bo, Ellie, and Mr. Cat

Looking at these photos, it’s hard to believe I spent years as a non-dog lover. I mean I didn’t hate dogs (gasp), but I certainly didn’t have puppies in my house or up in my grill. Mom died, then Bekah left for college and there were more empty hours and spaces. The truth is animals in general – and especially dogs – are wonderful therapy for grief, depression, and anxiety. It is impossible to stay unhappy with these little fellows running around…love comes in fur and paws, too.

So, yeah. I’ve gone to the dogs. 11/10 stars. Highly recommend.

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