7 Keys to Getting More Done

“Do what you can and you’ll soon be able to do what you can’t.”

~ Hunter Post

Y’all, it’s been a minute. Since returning to work full time, I’ve been busy doing what I can. Like some of you, I’m tired. I’m anxious. I’m overwhelmed and hoping things will continue to get easier. However, I’ve found the master key to doing what I can’t: consistency.

Without consistency, we cannot build foundations. It takes planning, effort, perseverance, positive thinking, and the ability to steadfastly adhere to the same course. You cannot be wishy washy and succeed; not in leadership, not in sports, not in work, not in relationships. Consistency over time results in trust and success.

Since I have an extra class to teach and I’ve taken on more tasks at work, I’ve been a stickler for sticking to routines. Completing tasks on the same days every week at similar times gives me a greater since of control and combats anxiety. Repetition eases the burden a bit and makes things feel more second nature. I have given up the desire to wing it and I’ve become a creature of habit. When faced with so much change, habit is comforting.

If we consistently do the right things and give our best, over time, we will begin to see ourselves the way God sees us. We will see ourselves and our problems the way God sees them. We will know when to keep working and when to cease…when to hold onto things and when to let them go. Stop looking for validation from others; God has already validated you!

7 keys to getting more things done:

1. start

2. don’t make excuses

3. celebrate small steps

4. ignore critics

5. be consistent

6. be open

7. stay positive

~ Germany Kent

Have a great week,


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