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Book Post – I Am Undone


February Update:

The Book Thief I am completely undone by The Book Thief. I finished it today. Narrated by death, this book is set in Nazi Germany and features Liesel Meminger, an orphan taken in by a foster couple after the passing of her brother and the likely capture and containment of her mother during the round up of Jews and other offenders to the Third Reich. Liesel and her best friend Rudy grow up on Himmel Street. Under the shadow of war and bombings, they still manage some of the idylls of childhood, including soccer and games. They also fall into thievery, as rationing kicks up and the bombings increase. Liesel learns to read and right under the tutelage of her Papa, Hans, the person she loves most in the world. I highly recommend the audio book – it is an experience in an of itself. Warning: this book will break your heart. 5/5 stars

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