Experiencing Grief – How to Help Yourself and Others

I come from a family where strength is the norm. If something needs to be done, one doesn't let feelings or emotions get in the way. My Papaw's favorite line when any of us started crying was "dry it up!" They're the folks who sing at funerals; the folks who put duty and responsibility and doing for others and yes, attending church, before mental health. Even my husband is super strong. On days like today, I'm left with a sense of shame that I can't live up to this standard.


Mother’s Day Thoughts

I'm a member of a Club I never wanted to join. It's a Club where you aren't the apple of anyone's eye; a Club where you are often empty, in spite of all the bits and pieces well meaning folks offer to fill the void. A Club where the number of photos is finite and you worry about the day you won't have any new ones to share.

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Pearls and Parachutes

"I have woven a parachute out of everything broken." ~ William Stafford  What did you come through in 2018? For me, it was months of grief after losing my Mom to complications associated with lung cancer in October of 2017. Whether you lost a loved one, a spouse or relationship, a group of friends, or even a beloved pet, any form of loss is traumatic and… Continue reading Pearls and Parachutes