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Top 5 Products!

Happy February! The Polar Vortex descended and the ensuing cold has me thinking of warm spaces and all of my many blessings. On that note, I am sharing a few of my current favorites. For our weekend reading pleasure, please comment and share yours, too!

Air Freshener

Long a fan of Wallflowers, I just opened this today. Guys, it has scented my entire laundry room and it smells SO good. BCM is currently out of stock online in wallflower scents, but there are many other B & B products currently on sale in this scent.


Sweet Combo

Because I have a terrible sweet tooth, I have to find compelling substitutes for the cookies and candy bars I used to enjoy. This is my go-to combo and my favorite way to start my day. These bars are low macro and seriously the best I have tried. The K-Cup? Smooth and sweet!

Hair Product

Thanks to a recent Kroger run, I found this gem. For those with gray hairlines, this is everything. I am thrilled to say I can now stop plucking those stubborn grays.

Skin Care

Guys, I spend so much money on antiaging moisturizer it’s a relief to be able to get this at Walmart. Acne-prone skin shouldn’t be a thing after 40, but here we are. Fortunately, this cleanser, along with hydrating and a healthy meal plan, keep my skin relatively clear.


One of my favorite Christmas gifts (thanks, Sis), this Loopy Case is absolutely worth the extra few $$. Not only did it pass the 4ft. military drop test, but it’s smooth surface and wrap around bumper are only trumped by the trademark loop, which minimizes the instances of dropping your phone. Get yours at

Thanks for reading, and have a great (and warmer) weekend ahead!

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