5 Books I Couldn’t Read

It’s time for another rejected TBR list. In hopes to enlighten other readers who might enjoy/avoid these books, I’m including my reason behind why these particular novels do not work for me.

Dark Matter

I’m kind of ashamed to say I made it halfway through this one before I rejected it. This Blake Crouch novel does that rare thing; it starts super strong and falls apart in the middle (at least for me). The middle goes way too far into scientific theory. If you’re into that genre, you should try it.

Roll of Thunder

I know this is a classic. And I had planned on reading it for forever. Maybe it was just the wrong time in my life, but it didn’t hook me.

The Blood Sisters

I started this on audio book, and I can’t even tell you the genre. I realized I have no desire to read it. End of story.

Catch 22

Once again, me trying to read the classics, but I didn’t want a war story, and this is, so into the rejected pile it goes.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Audiobook is nice and full of detail. A little too full of details unrelated to the topic I for which I chose the book (World War 2 and the Holocaust). It is, however, readable and I made it a little further into this one.

I hope everyone has a nice snow day!

9 thoughts on “5 Books I Couldn’t Read

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of these books! So you’re ahead of me!
    I definitely agree that sometimes there is a disconnect between audio books and paper books though. But that may be cuz I skim in paper books which I can’t do in audio books.

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      1. I should have dnfed it too cause I was completely lost. Such a shame cause I was really excited to read it. It sounded so interesting. He has a new book coming out soon that I kinda want to check out but I’m worried this will happen again.

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