March Book Review and an Amazon Prime Special

I had to take a break from the classics, guys. I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll was a nice return to my preferred thriller genre. The plot formula of girls on a train has not quite gotten old. Yet. Anyway, 16 year old Anna and Sarah decide to venture in for a weekend in the city. Of course, that city would be London, as it seems to have become my setting of choice lately.

Sarah and Anna run into a bit of trouble in the form of a couple of just released cons on the train. There to witness their misstep is Ella Longfield. She has a terrible feeling, but fails to alert the girls or anyone else. When Anna goes missing, we enter into the world of not only Anna’s family, but Ella’s as well, and the subsequent issues surrounding them.

This is where the plot goes fuzzy a bit. There is a long stretch of rising action which feels like it’s going nowhere and mostly tries to alert to potential suspects in Anna’s disappearance, all the while showing how Ella is harassed via cryptic postcards and is ill-viewed by the media and Anna’s family.

Spoiler alert: good luck deciphering the person responsible for Anna’s disappearance. You’re going to need it.

3 1/2 stars (a little slow in the middle)

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