NYE Thoughts

When contemplating leaving this decade, I feel a little like Lot's wife today. For those of you unfamiliar, Lot's wife (she is unnamed in KJV), is reluctant to leave what she knows and the good times her family experienced in a particular city, even though better things may lie ahead. I relate.


Experiencing Grief – How to Help Yourself and Others

I come from a family where strength is the norm. If something needs to be done, one doesn't let feelings or emotions get in the way. My Papaw's favorite line when any of us started crying was "dry it up!" They're the folks who sing at funerals; the folks who put duty and responsibility and doing for others and yes, attending church, before mental health. Even my husband is super strong. On days like today, I'm left with a sense of shame that I can't live up to this standard.