A Birthday Wish

Dear God,

Someone asked me the other day if I’m angry at You for taking Mom so soon. While this is not an easy question to answer, I’ll attempt to do so here.

66 years ago tomorrow, you brought the purest soul I’ve ever known into this world. For 64 years, you taught me most of what I know about You through the love and light that emanated from her. Through Mom, you taught me:

• There is sun and there are shadows

• How to climb and how to fall

• Love is both a river and an ocean. Wait for the ocean

• That Your heart is the source of endless grace

• You’re no less faithful when I’m astray

• Your name can move the mountains in my way

• All my life, I am chased by your kindness

• The valley is the best place to praise you

• Your mercy is the same in the highlands and the heartache

While I am sometimes angry in general, I am not angry at You for loving Mom so fiercely that You delivered her from more suffering. I don’t know the why the earthly healing couldn’t be, but I trust there are reasons and they are good.

Mom, I wish you were here, but I’m happy you sang your song of ascent and left your precious but sick body behind. I pray you are in a lovely beach cottage, having pizza, salad, and Food City cake with our Father, Mamaw, and Papaw. It does my heart good to think of this.

Happy 66th birthday, Mama. Watch over us.

Yours always,


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