Upgrade Your Life: A 12 Step Plan

“There is compensation for lives unlived in the intoxicating joy of knowing that the life you have – right here, right now – is the one you have chosen. There is power in that, and hope.” ~ Emily Maguire

1. Be Self Aware

Most of our problems are caused by the individual in the mirror. Take an honest inventory of yourself – do you have toxic tendencies? Even if you don’t, what patterns or behaviors have you tolerated that are bringing you down? What are you allowing that is inconsistent with your dreams and future plans? Sometimes we self-sabotage out of fear, ego, or a lack of discipline. It’s time for an honest evaluation.

2. Be Accountable

Take responsibility for your journey. Raise your standards, and the universe with rise to meet you. This can only begin with heart work and raising what you accept from yourself and others. You are accountable for settling for less than you desire.

3. Be Disciplined

Nothing worth having will ever come easy. If you wish to upgrade your life, it requires a lot of work and effort. You must love yourself enough to exercise the necessary amount of discipline to reach peak happiness. Being well and achieving overall health and balance is no small task; talent and intelligence alone are useless without effort. There is a direct correlation between happiness and discipline.

4. Be Sincere

Any form of dishonesty is bad for mental health. It brings negative energy and vibes that contribute to anxiety and depression. It is never worth the long term damage to your psyche and the harm it brings to others. Being real is the key to positivity and upgrading your life. Being genuine begins with being honest with yourself and true to who you are and to your journey.

5. Be Positive

Some of us are naturally glass half empty kind of folks. That said, our attitude determines where we are. You will not improve your life until you get a better outlook. To do so, you must foster an appreciation for the good things in your life and try hard to make the best of your situation. Constant negativity will sabotage any kind of life upgrade. Get out, get busy, occupy your mind and body to keep negative energy at bay.

6. Be Humble

Being more concerned with your image (followers, posts, admirers, likes on social media, your own intelligence, etc.) is a sure fire way to feed the ego and starve the things of substance in your life. Focus on what truly matters to you and cultivate a humble heart. God is not pleased with a proud heart or one that is caught up in the superficiality of this world.

7. Be Consistent

Unfortunately, I am one of the moodiest people I know. To overcome this tendency, I focus on the present and the needs of others in my life. Be the kind of person others can count on and don’t allow yourself to be blown about and ruled by every wind that comes your way. Loving others more than yourself is the key to becoming more consistent.

8. Be Love

This is the toughest one; in order to be love you must have your flesh and negative tendencies under control. You must esteem others as more important than yourself. You must truly love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin to achieve this Zen place. Any kind of ego or insecurity on your part will greatly undermine your ability to show love to others. If you give in to your fears or selfish tendencies, you can’t be love.

9. Be Giving

Being giving is the hallmark of walking in love. It is not ever born of a fear/anxiety place. If you are hung up on getting your own needs met, having control, etc. you cannot be a giving person. This kind of giving doesn’t entail money or possessions; it the love that sacrifices and places the needs of others first, trusting yours will be met as well. Being giving is the key to upgrading your life.

10. Be Selective

Take care whom you allow to have time, space, and entrance into your inner circle. Guard against people who aren’t honest with themselves (they can’t be honest with you), and who don’t share your same values and vision for the future. Actions are much more important than words; folks who aren’t on the same page as you will definitely bring you down.

11. Be Grateful

A lack of gratitude will result in a reduction of blessings. Appreciate the people who appreciate you! Don’t take them for granted. Thank God for the good things in your life. Thank Him for his mercy and His watch-care. These things are beautiful and among the most treasured aspects of life. Focus on the substance and truth, not the superficial and temporary (emotions are temporary).

12. Be Hopeful

No matter where you are on the path right now, stay hopeful that things will get better. Be willing to let go of things so God can work and bring about future blessings. Trust that what God has is better than anything you can conceive on your own! Choose life by being honest, aware, disciplined, consistent, and considerate of others. Choose the life that is the desire of your heart and abide in power and hope.

Yours in truth,


28 thoughts on “Upgrade Your Life: A 12 Step Plan

  1. I’m working on every single one of these things. I truly believe it takes all of these things to not only be happy but to reach your goals. So thanks for this reminder!

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  2. “Be Love!” So much of this list is just so much truth, in fact, all of it is spot on! Be Love stood out to me because love can be so many things! I was inspired by this post! Thanks for putting everything the way you did, it hit my heart!

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  3. One of the hugest thing for me is to take responsibility of my own journey and be disciplined to do XYZ to get to where I want to be in my future – nothing ever happens by wishing, but by doing! Consistency is key to everything – once you stop doing something then you fall out of the routine and it’s so hard to get back into again.

    One thing I’ve been doing a lot of and has helped my mood so much is being hopeful and being positive – with those two in mind every day I wake up, I’m already off to a good start!

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