Lists to Lift Your Mood

May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary.”

~ Xan Oku

Every year, May enters, straight out of a Dickens novel: it is the best of times and the worst of times. May is the best of times because the weather is warming and the flowers are blooming, the worst of times because allergies are insane and totally off the charts. May is the best of times because the school year is almost over, the worst of times because state testing looms, a mountainous obstacle glowering overhead.

One of the worst things about having anxiety is the anticipation of anxiety; the dread that hits several days or a week before an event. This dark sense of dread and foreboding can well up out of nowhere…when this occurs, my first reaction is to long for safety and escape from the stressor; this is usually impossible. What helps manage the sense of dread more than anything is finding ways to boost my mood and be more positive.

One exercise that truly enhances positivity is making lists. Not to-do lists (although these are certainly useful) but lists that encourage…we’ll call them May Flower lists. It is one way I encourage myself in the Lord and stay mindful; gratitude goes a long way! You can make a May Flower bullet journal list by thinking about your current favorites, special blessings, moments you’ve enjoyed, and just basic things you’re thankful for in the lovely month of May. I chose to mix it up and include some of each.

May Flowers 🌸

1. Two new songs make my list – check out “Old Town Road” (oh hey, Billy Ray 👋) and “Love Me Anyway” by Pink ft. Chris Stapleton!

2. My Knockout Roses are gearing up for a summer extravaganza.

3. My kid is coming home for the summer next week. She is a blessing and I can’t wait to spend more time with her.

4. We have two new doggos coming this weekend. I’m so excited to work with our new Berner. 🐶

5. I was able to reach out to two students this week who need to know someone cares. I had to do something I’ve never done before; I hope I made an impact.

6. I’m listening to this amazing audiobook – The Girl Who Drank the Moon…wondering if I might use it for one of my class novels next year.

7. Can you say GOT episode 3!!! I’m still in shock. Arya Stark Forever! Episode 4 of the last season on Sunday.

8. I’ve had two major prayers answered lately, one just today!! 🙌

9. My husband loaded the dishwasher today and that was really sweet.

10. I’ve lost 6 pounds and that means I’m 3 pounds away from my goal. Ready for the beach in June.

I honestly felt so much lighter and more upbeat after making this list. What is your May Flower list? Comment and share!

Blessings and encouragement,


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