Need a Dream? 4 Ways to Get Inspired (Doggos Included!)

“Nostalgia is powerful, but so is hope.”

Growing up in Kentucky, I spent a lot of time outside. I had a special place to think, to ponder life and the world. I went there to get away from my troubles. It had a magical quality hard to describe to someone not acquainted with country life. Some days when I visited, I was a gymnast creating elaborate routines; others I was a singer belting my latest heartache. I spent time there writing lyrics and poems in my mind. It was on a little rise beside a stream looking out over an orchard – Papaw (who specialized in rigging things up) made it for me out of a wooden board and two cables. It was my apple tree swing, it was my place to dream.

I had so many apple swing dreams. Even as a child, they brought me hope and comfort in times of distress. It’s still the same today; when I’m stressed and struggling, I think about the good things in my life and they give me strength to keep going. I think about future aspirations and this helps me cope with present stressors.

What are your apple swing dreams? A lot of mine have changed over the years, but some are still the same. For example, I’m still a writer at heart; the dream of writing a novel or memoir has been resurrected since Mom passed away. This blog is a stepping stone. I’m also dreaming (and goaling) toward early retirement in 13 years (teaching is rewarding, but it takes a lot out of you!) My retirement dream involves playing with puppies and grandkids, y’all! I only have one of the two right now – see pics below. Spoiler alert: we are getting two new girls next week. More pics to come!

June – she’s an angel 😇

Ivy – June’s litter mate. She’s feisty!
June, Ivy, and my big baby, Ellie ♥️
Bo – smartest dog ever (bad hair day)

Zena Warrior Princess in the foreground

Waylon J Nelson at your service

Caesar, our Russian bear 🐻

Ellie and June – all smiles on this sunny Saturday ☀️

If you’re unsure of yours dreams, or don’t feel inspired, I have some advice:

How to Identify Your Dreams (and resurrect your hope)

1. Dig where your tears fall…therein lies your treasure. Identify what brings you to tears; this is where your heart lies, and that is where your dream resides.

2.You must be vulnerable enough to be different; don’t downplay your uniqueness to fit in with the culture. Wear your coat.

3. Dreams are like photos. Hand God the negatives; God develops dreams in the dark room!

4. Live your real truth…the truth of your revelation trumps the truth of your situation.

Even thought my apple tree swing is gone, the gifts it gave me are not. The feeling of hope, the freedom to just be, and the ability to dream big continue to encourage me and lift me high.

Blessings on your life and week,


18 thoughts on “Need a Dream? 4 Ways to Get Inspired (Doggos Included!)

  1. I certainly enjoyed watching this little girl grow during those dreaming years. Then and now, you will always have a special place in my heart. 💕

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  2. My backyard swing was my dreaming place. There’s just something about swinging that frees your mind. Even as an adult, I sometimes go to the nearest park and borrow the swing for a little while.

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  3. A terrific post – it really is true that you only learn from what goes wrong, not right – and things can only go wrong if you TRY…you never succeed if you don’t do that…have a great weekend!

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  4. Keep on dreaming don’t give up. If you have the heart to write a book it will come. When asked if I want to do anymore with my life now that my kids are grown, I say no, I’ve accomplished what I have always dreamed. I am an author and now I am moving into blogging and I still have more to write. Just keep going and this blog was well put together.

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  5. Thank you for sharing! Those pictures of your pups made my day, they are so cute! One of my dreams is also to write a novel, and my blog was a stepping stone toward that dream as well—actualizing it as a goal rather than a lofty what-if. And cheering on your early retirement—I hope it comes sooner rather than later!

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  6. I am with ya. Us country kids had special spots that we could go to so that we could be whatever our imagination could dream up. My spot was out at what we called the old house, and there was an old tack room that smelled wonderful. As I got older though it was out on the ranch and It was anywhere that was nothing but cow pasture.

    I feel these days kids and adults still need their spot to be themselves.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and for the insightful feedback. This is one part of my childhood I wouldn’t mind going back to. I think a lot today’s kids are missing out and I feel badly for them.


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