4 Star Read!

If you enjoyed The Girl on the Train and What She Knew, look no further for your next read. Gilly Macmillan does it again in this nuanced thriller set in England; she has a knack for creating fresh plots in a literary format. Her novels possess the quality of depth while remaining extremely readable.

The Perfect Girl commences with a performance and a flashback to the tragedy forever altering the life of 17 year old Zoe and her family. What Zoe and her mother, Maria, fail to realize is how difficult it is to overcome the past. When the past catches up with them in the form of a man called Tom Barlow, will the “second chance family” be strong enough to endure?

While there isn’t always a huge plot twist in Macmillan’s tales, the storylines are intricate enough to be unpredictable.

4/5 stars! Click here to purchase/preview today!

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