I’m Going the Distance

This is an awesome post about how life happens and we lose our motivation for what is important. I’m rooting for you, Val!

Rooted in Grace and Gratitude

These picture are from 6-9 years ago. I wish I still had the endurance and strength I had when these photos were taken. I was a different person then. I was at a completely different place in my life. The woman in these phots was fiercely determined. She wasn’t afraid. She was tenacious. She ran in the rain, the snow, through tornado warnings and jumped downed trees after the ice storm. She competed in OCR’s, 5k’s, 10k’s, a CrossFit competition, took CrossFit classes and lead boot camp classes. She was trying to be a positive example for her children. She didn’t back down. She took time for herself.

I could learn a few lessons from her. She knew taking time for herself made her a better person, a better wife and a better mother. As, time past and circumstances changed I put myself last. It’s easy to do. Nearly, all…

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