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12 Truths and 2 Book Reviews

C.S. Lewis introduced me to my love of reading. In The Chronicles of Narnia, I was transported to another universe – one where magic and happy endings are more than a fairy tale. It only stands to reason that, years later, I would engage with two of the author’s most important works in back to back audio book sessions.

The Screwtape Letters

As I often do things in reverse, I recommend reading (or listening) to this timeless tome, first. Screwtape, an experienced demon, takes his younger nephew, Wormwood, to school to learn how to corrupt “the patient” (a Christian man). Let me just say I’ve been a Christian for 25 years, but wisdom and insight I had yet to experience figures prominently in this work. There is something revelatory about telling this story from a demon’s point of view. A must read: 5/5 stars. Click the image below for a direct link to amazon to purchase your version of choice today.

Mere Christianity

See above. Most of what I said up there, but this work is told from the author’s point of view. The most ironic part is Lewis is a former atheist. What strikes me is Lewis states the animalistic sins of the flesh are not near as deadly as the sin of pride. Lucifer’s fall from Heaven due to an abundance of pride is the main support for his assertion . 4/5 stars. Click the image below to explore purchase options.

One of my 2019 reading resolutions is to add more nonfiction, and Mere Christianity fits the bill.  Authored post World War 2, this discourse on faith is replete with wisdom for this modern age. Before I check out, I’m including my favorite devotional journal (it’s inexpensive!) – it’s perfect for daily scriptures and note-taking, and it reminds me of Mom. Click on the link to purchase your copy today!

12 Truths from the work of C.S. Lewis

Humor is the grace of life.

Any real pleasure that is not sin makes a person more himself/herself and leads closer to God.

What we are matters more than what we do.

Love and loyalty are often acts of will.

It is better to forget about yourself altogether. i.e. true humility

There is power in always trying again.

Little decisions you make everyday are very important.

Give more than you can spare.

There is no such thing as peace and happiness apart from God.

Pride leads to every other vice.

Relying on God (i.e. prayer) begins everyday all over again as if nothing has been done.

Anxieties are afflictions, not sins. They do not indicate a lack of faith.

One thought on “12 Truths and 2 Book Reviews

  1. Im so torn on how to understand pride. Its healthy to have a certain sense of pride about some things. Yet it is so clearly labeled a sin. I feel like it should be black and white but it isn’t. I want my kids to know I’m proud of them. I don’t want them to grow up in a home devoid of pride, ya know? Sigh. Ive always questioned and struggled with it.

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