Choose Hope

It’s been a harrowing week. Exactly one year since the Parkland anniversary, some threats were made regarding a “bloody Valentine” at my child’s high school. Thankfully, we have a proactive administration who got in front of things and made sure the students in our district were safe. Our superintendent decided it was better to err on the side of caution and not hold classes on Valentine’s Day.

Prior to this decision, I had a talk with my son about whether he should go to school. His answer floored me. He said, “Mom, I have to go. If something happened in one of my classes, I need to be there to help people. I would feel terrible if I stayed home and people were hurt.” His answer simultaneously made me proud and broke my heart.

Not only is my kid on that campus, but my classroom is right next door in the adjacent middle school. I had students messaging me afraid to come to school. The stress of living in these times is a lot to bear. This morning my mind was so filled with the cares of this world I didn’t think I could pray. Some say what do prayers accomplish? Tragedies still occur.

Here is my answer: prayer is the most important part of my day. It enables me to cope and do the hard things.

I quieted my mind and began to focus. I read some scripture. The words – as they often tend to do – were perfect for a time such as this. 2 Thessalonians chapter 3 talks about how we have protection from the evil one. The author asks for deliverance from wicked and evil people. And most importantly, 2 Thessalonians 3:6 says this:

“May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love.”

The thought of God’s love enabled me to carry on with my day. It made me think of one of my students who experienced salvation just this week. I commented on his good news, and he said this: “Mrs. Preston, you feel a lot of relief after. You know, I thought I was happy before. But somehow now I’m even happier.”

I’m thankful God brought his words to my mind. I’m glad he reminded me of my hope and the need to maintain a quiet confidence in order to be strong. Instead of continuing to agonize over a scary situation, I unplugged and spent an hour outside playing with my puppies. It reminded me of childhood and all the times my Mom would get me outside to appreciate God’s handiwork.

This is my hope in the midst of sadness, in the midst of all kinds of trouble. Praying for all those today who do not have this hope. Put your trust in Jesus, friends. Choose hope.

9 thoughts on “Choose Hope

  1. So beautiful! Your son is so sweet! I agree 100%. The times we live in are so scary. And at times we may not be able to bare the pain, fear and sadness we have to endure, but in Christ he helps lighten our burdens and give us peace in the midst of darkness.

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  2. Your son sounds like he’s headed on the right path. This must be so difficult, but I love your direction in handling such a delicate topic.


  3. As a teacher and a mother I totally understand your feelings. The fear I have for my own children and for my first grade students is overwhelming in this day and age. But I do agree, we need to pray and choose hope. As long as we have hope, all will be well. Thank you

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  4. I turned my back from Jesus. After receiving and claiming him as my Savior, I still walked a different path. Guess my faith wasn’t really strong enough to keep up with his pace. But all those times, I know he didn’t forget me. Sending me different people to pull me back to Jesus. Now, I’m starting to, once again, know him. On Monday, I will be leading a prayer among my small circle of friends. and the verse you shared really hit me. I guess I’ll start with that one. and oh, your son’s very brave! 🙂


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