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Book Post!

I’m behind on updating my reading status, guys. A Tuesday snow day is a good day to catch up on all things literary.

Book 2: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

I recommend. Mainly because it’s time to look toward spring cleaning, and this definitely gets one in the mind set. This book is so much more than cleaning tips – it’s a lifestyle. Most of the principles are practical, although Kondo goes a bit far with the whole “your clothes have feelings” shtick. Though I probably won’t start greeting my house anytime soon, I’m ready to start tidying up my life. 4 stars.

Book 3: A Wrinkle in Time

Not since The Secret Garden have I read such a pure and timeless classic. Written in 1962, this story still lends itself to modern times with its basic good vs evil premise. The first 3 chapters are a little slow, and for this reason I give it 4 1/2 stars. Currently torn between doing this book or another I will mention shortly as my second novel of the year in my classroom.

TBR: Sycamore Row

Maybe I’ve grown out of John Grisham. Maybe it’s because this feels like A Time to Kill all over again. Maybe it was the audiobook with the narrator who kept lapsing into fake southern dialect for certain characters. Whatever the case, this is the first TBR I’ve downloaded and deleted this year. I just couldn’t. 2 stars

Currently Reading:

The Witch Elm – I’m at 20%; the main character is recovering from a beating and things are starting to get interesting now that he’s retreated to his childhood family home. Prediction: will finish

*THE BOOK THIEF – Run. Do not walk. I’m 10% into this audio book with its captivating British narrator who may or may not speak German and it is absolutely everything. Currently trying to deduce if I can fit this 500 plus page read into my spring curriculum because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a life changing read. The language, the imagery, the characters…did I mention death is the narrator?!!!

It’s a perfect time to curl up with a great read and a steamy mug during this chilly polar invasion. Happy reading ☕️

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